Secret Adelaide Events Plant Ceremony VIP Vetting

Trips to Spirit Realm allow us to be hyperaware of our emotional connections to physical spaces. Rediscover your capacity for love, resolve past emotional trauma, or gain new awareness of your identity. Our expert team is here to guide you and we come highly recommended.

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Included – 3 day 2 night plant ceremony weekend retreat & 2-3 months of Integration follow up group and one on one calls. All meals and lodging included. Shaman and Amazing Support Staff travel to your city.

Pricing negotiable on a sliding scale for those unable to pay. Group pricing available.

Healing is possible 100% of the time.

Tantric Connection

Personal Development

Spirit Realm Travels

Energy Work

Reiki Therapy

Heart Opening Ceremonies

Chakra Realignment

Masculine Journey

Sacred Feminine

Secret Society Ranked Tiers

☆ Initiates ☆
☆☆ Members ☆☆
☆☆☆ Leaders ☆☆☆
☆☆☆☆ Organizers ☆☆☆☆


Vetting is free or you may send a donation. Donations are strongly encouraged.

$100 – Secret VIP Vetting

$200 – Secret Platinum VIP Vetting

$300 – Secret Gold VIP Vetting

$500 – Secret Amethyst VIP Vetting

$1000 – Secret Diamond VIP Vetting

$1500 – Plant Ceremony (min 8 tickets)

$2000 – Society Scholarship Donation

via Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, or Google Pay to

Thank you. Please email if you have any questions and to schedule your Initiate Vetting phone call.

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Schedule (Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-3am)

Approximate Secret Event Location

Click here to purchase tickets or free vetting!

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