Secret Events VIP Vetting Subscriber Information

Which vetting processes would you like to do?

  • Online Professional Transformative Training (most professionally structured, most community support, extra cost)
  • Plant Ceremony (min 8 people at $700-1500 per person, includes 2 months follow up integration work)

Training centers are worldwide and require a significant time and financial commitment but are worth the effort. Please email for information on your closest training center.

Primarily, the physical Secret Events is an amalgamated effort of those who pass through the vetting process.

Secondly, you will be actively contributing to the event’s creation. Moreover, the vetting process consists of authentic relating exercises described in the event description – connection, authenticity, trust, vulnerability, and surrender. In addition, some of these have extra charges.

However, there are always options for vetting processes that have no extra charge and attendees report amazing experiences – No Spectators but you must request them on your own.

In summary, this way you will truly get the benefit of our events and community.

Secret Events VIP Vetting 100% Money Back Guarantee for all who complete the Secret Events VIP Vetting process in its entirety.

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